One Key Buyer’s agents, also commonly called Buyer’s Advocates, are trained and experienced at researching, identifying, negotiating and purchasing residential property on your behalf. Our team of researchers and advocates are local property experts, who’s aim is to acquire on your behalf, the most suitable property available, for the best possible price. We also strive to have a long-term relationship with all our clients, over the life cycle of your property portfolio.

A large number of Buyer’s Agents in the Australian market charge a fee based on a commission structure, which is a percentage of the final purchase price. Therefore, the higher the price paid for the property, the higher the fee earned by the Buyer’s Agent. We don’t believe this is fair.At One Key Buyers we charge a flat fee for our service, which is agreed upon up front and not subject to change unless the scope of the property being sought changes considerably. The fee varies depending on the service required, purchase price and location of the property. Our fees start from low as $4000. Contact us to obtain a quote for your specific needs.