Buyer’s agents source property for their clients from the open market place and off market (property that is for sale yet not advertised). We then provide you with a detailed market appraisal report so you know the fair value range for the property you are interested in. We then negotiate on property price via private treaty or auction.

Our experience will :

  • Save you time and money
  • Choose a better-quality property that will increase in value quicker than the common property or
  • Choose a property that has a value added component, ie. renovation, sub-division etc.
  • Give buyers access to real estate that they normally would never come across In the same way a real estate agent caters his/her service to benefit the seller (vendor). The main role of a buyer’s advocate is to look after our client’s best interest.

The difference is simple. The Sales Agent is acting on behalf of the vendor to secure the highest possible price from the buyer. A Buyer’s Agent negotiates with the Sales Agent for the lowest possible price and most favourable terms & conditions for the buyer.

Just like a selling agent, buyer’s agents are paid a fee by the people whom employ them (the property buyer).

Some buyer’s agents will say that they can secure you a lower purchase price. However, it’s important to remember that this is, by no means, guaranteed.

Yet, it’s not just the purchase price you need to think about. What are the ongoing costs of running this property? Will it be easy to rent? Will it be easy to sell? Which neighbourhood has the best growth potential? Beyond the purchase price, there are many things to consider when buying a property. Using a buyer’s agent can offer financial – and emotional – benefits that should be considered when weighing up the pros and cons of using a buyer’s agent.

Time is money

If you have the inclination and time to invest in educating yourself and making an informed decision, then managing the buying process yourself is achievable. However, if you’re someone who is time-poor, then a buyer’s agent would be a wise investment as they will do all of the legwork and research for you, discarding 60-90% of unsuitable properties before you even go to any inspections.

You’re investing in knowledge

Most buyer’s agents will have access to off-market properties and insights. To put it simply: property investment is our bread and butter; it’s what we do every day. Because of that we know the neighbourhoods, the streets and even the apartment blocks that offer the best return on investment. Furthermore, sales agents will usually bring silent sales to buyer’s agents because they know they are serious about purchasing.

Good buyer’s agents have a robust set of criteria that they use to assess whether a property is a good investment. Tapping into this expertise will help you secure a property that fulfills your brief at a fair price which is preferable to buying a ‘cheap’ place with major flaws. Good properties will always fetch a premium and a buyer’s agent helps you focus on the things that matter.

So, when you enlist a buyer’s agent, you’re not just investing in time-savings. You’re also gaining access to experience, knowledge, and very important industry connections.

We know how to negotiate

Negotiation is a skill that develops with use.

Buyer’s agents are professional negotiators who buy property regularly, often weekly.

That means that we would, at a minimum, negotiate the price of 50 properties a year.

As such, we have developed the tactics and emotional detachment necessary for a successful bid, very often managing to conduct the purchase without the volatility of an auction.

Final word

Finally, I want to stress that there is never a guarantee a Buyer’s Agent will be able to purchase the property you want for less money. However, we have consistently been able to secure the property for less money than our clients would have been willing to pay.

Another important factor is saving you the cost that comes with overpaying or buying the wrong property. By finding you a property that grows at a rate of 8% rather than 6%, a buyer’s agent will actually make you hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. With the right property, the buyer’s agent’s fee will repay itself many times over.

Most people spent their life working hard to increase their income. But as we all know, “it’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with it, and how you invest It that really counts”. Not everyone has the time, expertise or motivation to put their money to work properly. So they just work themselves hard instead.

If this sounds familiar to you, you probably need some help. One Key will help you build your property portfolio with quality growth assets. Over time, this asset base will create you wealth; it will work hard for you, earn you an income, and provide for a secure future.

That depends a lot on your individual circumstances and personal goals. Both new and existing properties have their advantages. Ultimately, owning an investment property(s) is the same as running a business, and successful investors understand to treat it as such.

This means that each investment opportunity must be scrutinized with the bottom line in mind. We use advanced market analysis tools and software to examine each type of property, and help you determine the best investment for your individual needs. This takes the emotion and guesswork out of the picture, leaving you with bottom line numbers. This makes the decision much easier for you to make.

A Buyers Agent acts exclusively for the Buyer. We work hard for you to get you the best result possible with your purchase.

We will sit down with you and learn exactly what service you need from us, then explain how we will work and which fees are applicable for this service.

Some of the buyer’s agent charge the percentage of the sales price, but One Key buyer’s agent charges only a fixed fee for our service.

We make sure you fully understand and are satisfied before you actually engage us.

We find that visiting you in your environment is easier for you, so if you are local, we actually prefer to visit you, at a time most convenient to you. If you are in overseas/interstate, we are happy to contact you a via phone/video call.

When you buy a new property you would expect to have far fewer maintenance issues than with an older property. Where there are issues with new properties, it is likely that they will be covered by the builder’s warranty for a number of years. You also have far greater depreciation aspects.

Well located and well bought existing properties that are well maintained can also be great investments. Doing a well-planned renovation can greatly increase the cash flow and value also, making existing properties even better investments.

It will depend on your personal situation, and most importantly, the bottom-line return that each asset will deliver. We base our recommendations on actual figures, rather than emotion or guesswork.

Yes we can! You can choose to have us handle the entire process for you, or simply the sections you need help with. Our Buyers Agent services and fees will always be adapted to your requirements.

Absolutely! We will find out from you what is your dream home, and work tirelessly to get it for you, at the best possible price and with your most suitable terms.

What you mean is that you have no cash deposit. Cash is not really necessary when you have equity in your own home.

Having sufficient assets against which to borrow is all that is required and in this way, you can borrow the full amount plus all the additional costs. Finance your investment property with an investment property loan that is affordable with manageable repayments.

If you have owned your own home for a few years, you will have built up quite a bit of equity in your property. You will have paid off some of the loan, and there’s a good chance that your property has increased in value too.

Instead of finding a cash deposit, the Bank/Lender (subject to approvals) will allow you to use the equity built up in your home as security on your investment property.

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